Saturday, September 4, 2010

11th Anniversary

Dinner at Ichiban Buffet was nothing short of fabulous! The only problem was: there are too many choices! Daniel chose king crab legs, prime rib, scallops wrapped in bacon and several other items which escape my memory at the moment. I had exquisite salmon, wonderful veggie fried rice, shrimp several ways and egg drop soup.

We both had desserts - yes more than one because the dessert buffet was laden with irresistible choices, too.

As we were leaving, Samantha wished us Happy Anniversary and presented us with the cutest little toothpick holder. You push the bird's head and he leans down and picks up a toothpick for you. Adorable!
We were both feeling absolutely stuffed to the max so we went for a walk on the beach. It was absolutely lovely! A wonderful ocean breeze, not too crowded, good gull and wave activity. We loved it.

So without further ado, Pix are HERE.

Of course, although the evening progressed nicely, I ended up not getting to sleep until about 3 a.m.
But it was my own fault. I'm super sensitive to caffeine and I'd munched half a dark chocolate bar earlier in the day then foolishly had mint chocolate chip ice cream with my dinner. Bad move! As a result, I tossed and turned and nearly lost my mind trying to get to sleep.

One of the thoughts I scampering through my mind like a rabid squirrel was about the necklaces for the bride. She'd chosen these stones and yet I was still worried whether or not she'd like the completed designs.

When the pkg arrived, I swear to you it weighed ten pounds if it weighed an ounce. Silly me, in ordering white agate and white chalk turquoise, I chose stones that were far too large and ordered four strands of each. (She'd originally wanted a three-strand, but said if the stones were too large, I could use my own discretion and go with a single.)

Good thing I also ordered smaller ones because that's what I ended up using. They both have the same Bali silver clasp which I think is pretty enough to be worn in front and in this case, should be because it will provide unity without being too matchy match because the stones are different. I separated the stones with fire polished Czech glass bicones for a bit of bling and to keep the stones from rubbing against one another.

The bridesmaids (sisters of the bride) are wearing bright red strapless dresses, cocktail length, so I set the finished necklaces atop a beautiful duvet I have made of embroidered satin. I just now e-mailed her the pix and will wait anxiously to hear if she approves this, my third attempt at making her sisters' necklaces. :)

click on pic for closeup