Sunday, October 3, 2010

Late Post on Rock Shrimp Fest

So, Rock Shrimp 2010 is history. I made my booth rent + $5 so after I paid my helper, I really didn't even break even. SIGH

The no-see-ums were out in force as we were setting up and what's the one thing I forgot? Insect spray, of course. I did bring some bounce sheets, though so I tied one to the back of my necklace and that helped a little but those rotten little bast*rds deviled us the whole time we were setting up the tent and hung around most of the day. Down closer to the water, they're not as bad but we were nowhere near the river so they pestered us unmercifully.

There were a LOT of people after the parade but mostly lookers, unfortunately. One lady drove up from Fernandina Beach so that was nice. She bought my double strand black Swarovski bracelet.

It was hot, too, so that made it rather unpleasant. At least our booth had shade for pretty much the whole day because they put us beside a tree.

The booth next to me had those dichroic glass loops and ribbon necklaces for $5 but she was mostly selling purses. She had two booths and paid $85 for each. Whoa! but that's all she does. They did Jekyll Island 2 wks ago and said they didn't do too well their either.

We had a visit from a really pathetic little kitty. I felt so sorry for her! She was nothing but skin and bones, a dreadful looking matted, nasty, dirty coat and yet she had a flea collar on so she must've belonged to someone at some point. I'd only eaten half of my tuna rollup so I put it down for her and man, she scarfed it up. Heck, she even ate the tortilla! We also gave her some water out of the little plastic dish my apple salad came in and she took a good long drink. Bless her little heart! She stayed with us awhile then wandered into the booth next door but they kicked her out and she came back to us. After awhile she wandered off and we didn't see her again. Poor kitty.

After the cat left, I filled he bowl up again with water and was offering it to dogs as they came by with their tongues lolling out. Why the heck do people bring dogs to those events? *shakes head*

So even though I didn't make a lot of money, it was still okay. My helper is a very nice young man who kept me in good spirits all day with his funny comments and what not so it was fun.

Oct 15 is the big fair down in Jax that I paid $80 (the most I've ever paid) so I'm hoping that one will really pan out. I'm only going to have ONE table instead of two though so that kinda sucks. I won't have enough space to set out nearly the quantity of goods I like to make available.

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