Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun in the Sun - 2010

Another Fun in the Sun is history and while this one definitely had plenty of sun - you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day - what it did not have was plenty of people.

I was quite surprised by the sparsity of the crowds at this year's event. There were so few people, in fact, that by about 3 p.m. what little foot traffic there was had dwindled down to almost nothing so we packed up and left.

Still, it was not a total loss. As long as I make my booth rent, I figure I'm okay. Met some nice folks, had a few laughs and shared the booth for part of the day with my friend Robyn, whose beautiful kanzashis drew lots of admirers.

Both my helper James and I ended up with sunburns. I remembered the bug spray (didn't need it) but forgot the sunscreen (missed it sorely).

James had stayed up the night before till about 1 a.m. so he slipped off for a few catnaps in the car. There was a lovely breeze coming off the St. Marys River so although it wasn't exactly cool, it was relatively comfortable.

This friendly boxer acted as unofficial greeter at the concession stand near the rest rooms. He was so sweet and friendly and believe it or, spent most of the day paws up on the counter, saying hello to all and sundry.

Our booth was across from a food vendor. One of their items was friend pickles! Have you ever?

There was a couple next to us from Jesup, GA with absolutely beautiful handmade cutting boards and and furniture as well as quilts.

I won't be going back to St. Marys until the Fall now. They do have a big 4th of July shindig, but booth rents are $100 and I don't go that high, thanks.

So now I'm investigating other venues, hopefully indoors, to keep me busy between now and Rock Shrimp on September 25.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Got to the Shrimp Fest early - around 9:30 or 10, I guess. Our parking lot only had two or three other cars in it and the crowds were still minimal.

I took 93 pictures, bought a few little trinkets, and walked, and walked, and walked. Didn't help that today was HOT - I think our hottest temp so far this year. It figures! Temps always seem to rise at Shrimp Fest time.

My old legs are really aching me tonight! But it was fun. I got some good ideas for my booth May 29 in St. Marys. Looking at how professional some of the jewelry booths were, I could see they'd put a lot of $$ into their displays.

The reason there are so many dog shots in my slide show is because I felt so sorry for them! Most of them had their tongues hanging out and looked as if they were extremely uncomfortable -- and it wasn't even noon yet! The worst was a guy with a baby in the backpack -- you'll see it in the slide show. Sure, the baby was asleep, but if you look closely, you'll see he or she has their dear little face all smooshed into the side of the backpack -- and Daddy walking along, clueless. *shakes head* Why people bring infants and dogs to events like this is beyond me!!

I left about 11:30 or 12, I guess. Not sure what time it was, but I knew I'd had enough of walking. The line of cars coming onto the island stretched forever and I was really glad I'd decided to come early. Anywho -- here's the slideshow.
And as for the Kentucky Derby, well I was just so happy for jockey Calvin Borel and trainer Pletcher. Calvin was on last year's winner but this was Pletcher's first win after 24 tries! YAY!