Saturday, February 5, 2011

Visit Robyn's Garden

Hello Blogger Friends:
First of all, let me apologize profusely for so shamefully neglecting this blog!

I've been a bit under the weather the past few months so some things were cast aside.

In mid-December, I had gall bladder surgery and while I'm still muddling through the last vestiges of discomfort, things appear to be leveling out somewhat and I'm going to try and make a concerted effort to be a bit more efficient in my posts.

That being said, I have some exciting news! But first, a bit of background: I first met my lovely friend Robyn when our tables were side by side at an arts + crafts fair on Amelia Island. Was it really only last year? It was Robyn's very first fair and she was a bit nervous.

Being the old veteran that I am (insert giggle here) I offered my support and praise for her beautiful Kansashi pins. Here she is making her very first sale.

Since then, Robyn and I have met up frequently at various arts + crafts fairs and I've come to cherish my friendship with this wonderful, compassionate lady. She's doing very well with her business and I'm so proud of how far she's come since that first timid effort.

But now for the great news! Robyn recently finished a terrific, adorable website called
Robyn's Flowers. I'd like all of you to go visit so you can see her beautiful creations and read the heartwarming stories behind her designs.

Oh and P.S.
If any of my readers live near Fernandina Beach, you might want to go check out Robyn's designs at North Third Trading Company, 13 N. Third Street in Fernandina Beach. Her beautiful kansashi are selling like hotcakes!


  1. Sorry uve been ill with surgery and all! U take care now! Love those flowers! Good luck on ur shows this spring and summer!!!


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