Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Booth of the Year 2/19

Tried to post this on 2/20 but ran into problems so here's my second attempt:

Saturday, 2/19 was the first booth of the year for me. I set up at the annual Montessori Cook-Off and had a great day. Here's my picture-heavy blog on the day
click twice on pix for close-ups--click 3x for super-close

My good helper, Michael, suggested we turn the banner to face the street since we had the prime location of being the first booth in line. Great idea! Our booth viewed from Centre St
As we were setting up our booth, a boy played his violin for tips across the street. We were very impressed with his flawless renditions of many classical and Celtic tunes so we added to his growing stash of loot.
My biggest sellers were stretchy bracelets made with lampwork glass beads and my pink ribbon items went well, too. This made me very happy because I make it a policy to donate 50 percent of pink ribbon proceeds to Susan Komen Foundation.

What I was not happy about was the way the cheap red plastic tablecloths looked under my lovely lace ones. The event staff had set up their ticket tables close by and when I asked them where they'd purchased their lovely floor-length red tablecloths, they said they'd rented them. Thankfully, I was able to find some nice ones online for a reasonable price so next time, my new red theme will look more professional.

I was also very disappointed that not one of my new clay pieces sold. These require a LOT of work! rolling out the clay, stenciling and cutting it, baking it, painting it (at least 3-4 coats, sometimes more!), adding embellishments (Swarovski flatbacks, etc) and adding either a ribbon for necklaces or earwires for earrings. I thought my prices were quite reasonable, considering all the labor involved. But either people thought they were too expensive or they just didn't like 'em. Bummer! Okay, I realize they're a bit primitive but hey, I'm just getting started in this new medium and as with any learning curve, it's going to take awhile to achieve any level of proficiency. Click on the picture for a close-up view -- I'd be interested in your feedback, please!

The wind proved to be a huge annoyance. My newly refurbished displays kept falling over - well the largest one, anyway. Note to self: Find a better way to anchor these babies! Michael came through again, slipping a bag of tiny decorative rocks into the homemade easel behind the display. I also moved the vase of silk roses behind it and safety pinned a couple of roses to the back of the display. It didn't tip over again but with the lace tablecloth removed from the sidewall due to the wind, my jerry-rigging was visible to all and sundry - not good!

Aside from that, it was a great day. Perfect weather, a good crowd and people were buying - not a lot but enough to at least make my booth rent, pay my helper, and have a tidy sum leftover.

My next booth isn't until April (I know I'll be jonesing in the meantime!!) and it's an inside event. Last year, I had my best day ever at that event so I'm really hoping to exceed that this time. I'll tell you all about it!


  1. What prices were you asking for your clay? I have to admit that I am curious as to why you were even trying to sell your clay when even you state that you aren't proficient in that medium yet. I know that when I first started knotting pearls, there was no way I would have sold my first pieces. I would give them as gifts & I still have some that I wear myself.

  2. Hi Shaiha. Thanks for stopping by.
    I wasn't asking much. $8 for the earrings and $12 for the necklaces. Considering the amount of work involved, I thought that was more than reasonable.
    But you're right -- until I become more proficient in this medium, perhaps it's best if I hold off adding this new genre to my repertoire.


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