Monday, April 18, 2011

MUMC Arts + Crafts Show + Sale

MUMC Arts + Crafts Show + Sale is history for another year. Overall, I think the thing I was most pleased with was my display. I believe it's my most professional looking one to date. I was very pleased with the beautiful tablecloths I purchased from a catering supply place on the web. Plus the new wrought iron centerpiece worked out very well.

Only sold one big ticket item - and the gal who bought it tossed out the earrings that went with it in favor of other ones -- I mean literally tossed the three pieces down behind one of my black velveteen displays while I was waiting on another customer.

But the pink ribbon items went like hotcakes. Sold out all my purse charms and left with only 3 pair of earrings out of at least ten pair. Only sold one bracelet but the buyer combined it with a pair of earrings so I can't complain.

We had a good crowd. My friend Robyn did all right on her Kansashi sales. Her final buyer bought four at once.

Aside from the vendor across from me having a very loud and abrasive voice, it was a good day.


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  1. Everything looks lovely, thanks for sharing.


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