Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stepping out on my own....

Last year, my beading buddy Keli and I did the Rock Shrimp Festival in St. Marys, Ga.

I did great: sold over $200 worth of my handcrafted jewelry.
Keli and I shared a booth and had a great time.

Well, Keli did have one lady who bought a bunch of stuff and turned out to have a bogus credit card so that part wasn't so fun but....we worked together setting up the tent and our tables, etc and it turned out great.

This year, my beading buddy Keli is living in another state. WAH!
Without her to help, I didn't think I'd be able to do Rock Shrimp. I was bummed.
Given how much I love doing festivals and craft fairs, this was really bringing me down.

So I've decided to step out in faith and turn in my application. I mailed it off this afternoon.


Now all I have to do is find a strong, reliable, honest helper!



  1. You can do it!!! It does seem to be comforting to have another person there but you will be fine...good luck!

  2. I agree, You Can Do It! Go for it! Good luck!

  3. Well, I kno what u mean. It is frustrating setting up and tearing down and not selling a thing or selling maybe enough to pay rent at a show. I've been doing this since 1995 on and off. I have come to the conclusion thus far, that u can't do every show, every town, or please every one. My husband gets so upset at customers or potential customer who just walk on by and don't stop. He'll say "what is wrong with these people!" But, God love him, he thinks everything I make is beautiful and that people should lay down any amount of money for anything I have. Like I said I've been doing this a while now, before it was popular to make jewelry by everyone, I was making jewelry. So, live and learn my beading sister, and good luck and God bless you!


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