Monday, October 5, 2009

I got the Rock Shrimp Blues

Yours truly with my good helper, D

It was HOT HOT HOT in St. Mary's GA.
As we were setting up in the morning the no-see-ums were about to eat us up.
My beading buddy Keli (who lives out West now) reminded me to bring bug spray and that's the one thing I forgot!"

Thankfully, Keli's Mama, *D*, went up with us in her car and she dashed off to Wal-Mart to get us some bug spray. Phew! She also picked up a plug strip for me because I never could find mine. She only stayed a few hours but then had to leave because it was just too hot! I was so thankful for have her there because she's a lot of fun and her moral support was priceless.

I had set up a donation box to try and raise some money for an infant and a little boy who have major medical issues going on. Not one person gave one penny to those kids. I even saw one man whispering to his wife and pointing at my donation box. Then she frowned and glared at me as if I'd done something wrong. In retrospect, I think people had the wrong idea - that I was claiming these were my children and asking for money. They may not be mine, but they're someone's and their families could use some help. People are so bizarre sometimes! Who knows what they're thinking?! It only takes the slightest thing to put people off.

The day had some interesting moments, like when I sold the koi necklace. I had it out there for $28 -with earrings- which was an amazing bargain to begin with --and the lady wanted me to lower the price because there was only one earring. We found the other earring and she still wanted me to lower it because she thought the price was too high. She kept asking if I'd take $20. I stood my ground at $25 and she bought it. She really got a deal on that!

The lady in the booth next to mine was about to drive me up the wall. She had jewelry, too, and all day long she kept calling out, "Everything's half price! Everything's half price!"
She was selling gemstone bracelets for $9!! I mean, how do you compete with that? You can't!

There were far too many jewelry people at this event and for them to place two of us side by side was extremely poor planning and very unfair, I thought.

The lady on the other side of me had sunglasses and some kind of dry mixes for drinks and dips. Every single person who walked past her booth all day long, "How're y'all doin'?" I mean, I'm all for being nice but ... I dunno ... it got on my nerves after awhile. She had her teenage son with her and the whole time we were setting up he just talked and talked until we were about to go bonkers. Once the booth was set up and people were browsing, he kept asking everyone who came in if they wanted to see a card trick. ???

At day's end I heard her on her cell phone saying she'd sold $500 and booked two home parties (for the mixes, I guess). SIGH

I didn't even come close to matching last year's $200 in sales. I made my booth rent and about $15 but once you figure in paying my helper, what I spent on beads for new designs, gas, printing, etc....I actually came out in the negative. BIG SIGH So very disappointing!

Anyway - My 17-year old helper, D, was an enormous help. He's an exceptionally nice young man, (and one who enjoys peace and quiet! ) LOL
When I met his Mama afterward and I told her she should be very proud of him.

So - that was Rock Shrimp 09. Do I sound bitter? Well, maybe I am a little.
I mean, I adore doing shows -- even with all the hauling and planning and lifting and setting up and breaking down--I love it. But I'd have loved this one a little better if there'd been more buying and less whispering and strange looks from my browsers.

Just before it was time to break it down, a girl came around with flyers about the next big event up there. A chili cookoff December 5. Booths are only $30 or something so I might go for it. We'll see.

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