Thursday, March 4, 2010

I shall wear purple

A week from tomorrow I'm headed up to Boston to spend my 60th birthday with my mother and all my half-siblings. Four brothers and three sisters. We were raised apart and this will only be the fourth time we've been in one another's company.

Since I'm facing the big 6-0, I've decided that rather than freaking out because it means I'm *gasp*
getting old, I'm going to look upon it as having reached the age where one is permitted to flaunt one's eccentricities. For me, one of those eccentricities includes the wearing of purple.

Toward that end, I've been gradually assembling an entire wardrobe of purple items--tops, sweaters, scarves, etc. And when I make my trip to Boston, I shall wear nothing but purple.

One of my favorite recent purchases was a delicious Purple hoodie that is absolutely the cuddliest most splendidly purple item I've ever owned. I love it! The scarf in the picture was given to me by my very dear late friend, Miss Clare. She was always impeccably attired and wearing it makes me feel elegant....and close to her.
This particular garment comes from Roaman's where the prices are not always uh, shall we say, economical. But I - thrifty shopper that I am, only paid $8 for it! ;)

Just look at the warm wonderful thermal weave of the fabric. Perfect for the cold Boston weather!

It's been such fun gathering all the lovely purple tops and things and putting together outfits. I know I'm cutting it very close but I did make one more online purchase just this evening, a charming cable knit beret in a lovely shade of lavender that will be the perfect finishing touch.

Who knows where this purple obsession will lead me? Only time will tell and I'll be sure to share all my delightful purchases here with you, dear readers!

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