Saturday, March 6, 2010

Seen at Milan Fashion Week

What were the models showing Giorgio Armani's designs at
Milan Fashion Week wearing around their perfect, slender necks?Chunky jewelry with major focal pieces--

Then there was this piece which was reminiscent of Art Nouveau style. The rose motif was popularized by Charles Rennie McIntosh

My question is: where does one find such major focal pieces as these? I suppose the extremely talented make their own, eh?
I, however, am not quite that clever so I reckon I'll be scouring the interwebs for fabulous focals.


  1. Hi and thanks for sharing these. Check out they don't have exactly what is pictured here but they do have some great focal beads.


  2. oh, don't you just LOVE artbeads?
    Matter of fact, at some point this weekend I'm going to be making a sweet pearl bracelet with items purchased from them.
    Will share it here, of course!


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