Friday, January 9, 2009

what to say?

I'm so used to posting in LiveJournal that it almost seems--I dunno--like cheating to post somewhere else.

Still, I guess I could get used to having a blog strictly about my jewelry biz.

Right now, I'm hoping all the jewelry I mailed to the Boston, Philly and N.C. will reap results. It's been said that word of mouth is the best advertisement. Let's hope that's true!

I sent jewelry to all three of my half-sisters, my mother, my daughter, my aunts-in-law, my son's girlfriend and my stepdaughter for Christmas. Heck, I even sent my ex-husband's new wife a necklace! haha

Wanna see some of what I sent?

Okay -lemme root around on my hard drive and see if I have any pix - hold on--
Managed to come up with this one, anyway. It's a charm bracelet I gave to my beautiful and talented stepdaughter, Noober. Otherwise known as Abby Starr. She lives Shelby, NC.
It has lots of lovely little beachy charms and glass beads and took forever and a ding dong day to make.

I'll figure out how to use this thing as time goes on and add more pix. Right now my computer has decided to be uncooperative. Besides, computer time is over and it's time to go spend time with the spousal unit.

Later, peeps.


  1. Nice 1st post to your new blog! Keep 'em coming. I should talk, gotta refresh our own blog.

    Best, Ken (1/2 of Magpiedreams)

  2. Very nice~!!! I will check back to see your "word of mouth" pieces~! heheeeee


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