Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is our weather map vs Boston's weather

tick tock -- countdown to flight time
mood: busy, nervous, excited

I can't believe it's actually one day before I fly away to Boston.WOO HOO
Finally moved the buttons on my coat last night. What a hassle! You wouldn't think moving three buttons would be so complicated but when you're trying to sew black on black, it can make you go crosseyed. lol
I never could get the stains out of my Boston sweatshirt that my baby sister Mary Ann gave me. Tried everything I could think of and then some but no luck. Oh, well. I'm wearing to work today anyway. The stains are barely visible and besides---it's cold!!

I've got all my hanging plants covered up outside. I wonder if it would be all right to leave them that way while I'm gone? I know D doesn't want to be bothered uncovering them during the day and covering them during the night again. Hmmm. I'll e-mail the gal at the UF Extension office. She'll know.

Are you seeing those temps in Boston?! Snow today with a temperature of *GULP* 15 degrees!!!Holy Mother of Sunshine, Batman! This little ole Florida gal is simply NOT prepared to deal with such frigid temperaturs, people. It makes me shiver just thinking about it!!!I am most definitely layering my clothes tomorrow - nylon camisole, turtleneck, v-neck sweater, pantyhose, socks, warm pants, boots, knee-length wool coat, wool hat, wool scarf.Now I wish I still had my down-filled coat I had years ago...but hey, who needs that stuff in the Sunshine State? haha
Okay well - I'll manage. I bet I don't sleep worth a hoot tonight. I am SO EXCITED to see my half-siblings and to be part of such an amazing birthday surprise for my Mother. ;)

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