Monday, July 27, 2009

just this and that

Got home about 2:30 this afternoon. My cat Helen usually spends the day on the couch with my husband, but since he had to go to The Big City for a health appointment today, I guess she was lonesome. I looked around for her and found her sitting in the windowseat in my room with Savannah. Ebony, however, was nowhere to be seen. I finally found him under my recliner.

I toddled on out to the kitchen to make salmon patties for dinner. I learned by watching the Food Network that they won't fall apart when you cook them if you let them set up in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or so.

When I went back into my room, All three cats were posing prettily on the window seat so I captured them for posterity. I know I'm prejudiced, but aren't they just three of the most gorgeous felines you've ever seen?
My furbabies. Yeah, I love 'em. Lots.


  1. So happy to know you are recovering and doing what you love! Your furbabies are gorgeous.

  2. :) The only more gorgeous feline is my very own 15 year old Gracie. . .and there's no telling where I'll find her when I come home. Your beadwork is beautiful!


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