Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Worst Pet Peeve!

If there's one thing in this universe that I absolutely hate, loathe and despise, it's doing taxes!!!
If I were more organized, I'd keep my records through the year, making notations in a ledger monthly of all the incoming and outgoing deneros of my biz. But oh, no! Not me! I'm too busy for all that nonsense. Which is why I end up having to do the entire year's worth of accounting all at once. Why do I torture myself this way?!?!?!
I can think of better things do be doing on a rainy Saturday morning but here I sit, rooting through stacks of receipts, trying to make sense of what I laid out on the biz last year. And these are only part of the expenses. The rest has to be sorted out by going through my monthly statements, one at a time, and highlighting all the entries that pertain to Adagio. Oy!

At least I have a picture of my smiling spouse to keep me company -- Doubt if he'll be smiling so sweetly when we finally go see the tax man!

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