Sunday, January 3, 2010

Post-Holiday Ramblings

We had a lovely Christmas this year, mostly because my husband and I had a visit from my wonderful son and his equally wonderful girlfriend. Having young people in the house made everything so much more festive.

Christmas Eve our TV died just before dinner so once we'd eaten, we had to go out anyway for some critical item I'd forgotten and we wound up at Wal-Mart. I figured I might have enough on my Wal-Mart card to find a pretty decent TV. My son has a Droid phone so he looked up my balance somehow. I'm telling you, the doggone phone does everything!

When we were at Pop + Mama Jean's for Thanksgiving (my in laws) Pop showed us his HDTV. We watched the Macy's parade and I was amazed at the clarity and sharpness of the picture.

I located a TV I thought I could afford and was mulling it over when my son came up and said, "Mom, come look at this one." It was a 32" RCA HDTV.

"Oh, that's over my limit, son," I said.

"We'll make up the difference," replied my offspring.
So we toddled home in Sam's little Cavalier with her crammed in next to the huge TV box in the back seat. I think it was fitting that the first movie we saw on our new TV was "Holiday Inn" wherein the famous "White Christmas" is sung.

The kids gave me a terrific book - Making Designer Jewelry. It's chock full of amazing designs, instructions and beautiful pix. I'm looking forward to tackling many of them!

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and productive 2010!

Sammy, Bob and Mama on the beach Christmas Eve.

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  1. Despite the TV dying on you sounds like you had a wonderful time. It's always great to share time with family.

    Happy New Year


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