Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm Back!

Sorry I haven't posted lately --It took awhile to figure out why I couldn't post to my blog but I'm back, finally.
Had a grand time in Boston, but this Florida girl was not prepared for all the SNOW! When we landed in Boston, our captain announced that it was 18 degrees! brrrrrrrrrrr!
My homebound flight was delayed which bumped me from the connection in Charlotte -- it was a mess. I left my sister Pam's place about 12 noon and never reached my home until about 10 p.m. that night. Whew!

We had so much fun at my Mother's 80th birthday party and as she told me: "The best part was seeing everyone together." I'll say! It's the very first time that all eight of us were together in one place. It's such a wonderful thing, getting to know all my half-siblings -- three sisters and four brothers. Growing up a lonely only - because we lived apart - I never realized the joys of a large family so I'm definitely making up for it now!
Here's a picture of me with my sweet Mother and my four fantastic brothers. Aren't they all so handsome?
For more pix from the 80th birthday surprise party and my whole Boston trip, go

I'm headed back up for my sister Rose's Valentine's Day wedding. I had not expected to be able to go. The two events loomed large on the calendar and I elected to attend Mother's birthday gathering, offering regrets to Rose only to have her generously offer to pay my way back to attend the nuptials. I'm taking some extra days off work in order to really enjoy the family instead of flying in and flying out so quickly. Hopefully, I will not encounter any more snow! LOL

Meanwhile, I've been struggling to finish a necklace for my sweet mother-in-law-- another Snowberries piece, this time using purple Czech beads instead of red.

I had the whole thing put together last weekend and then noticed a minor flaw which I was unable to correct without tearing the whole thing up. Frustrated, I set it aside and worked on other things....including a number of Valentine pieces for my etsy shop.

February is a VERY busy month - two weddings, several birthdays, and lots of other stuff going on. My life is never boring!


  1. How beautiful! I love your blog and I'm going to look at your Etsy store next! You make the type of jewelry I love!

  2. why thank you, ma'am!
    I appreciate that. ;)


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