Saturday, November 28, 2009

Preparing for Holiday Fairs

Next weekend is the first of two art + craft fairs so I've been doing mock-up displays to try and see just how I'll lay things out.
click on pix for closeup view
This is my purse charm and pocket watch tree. All the pink ribbon item sales result in a donation to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Fund.

THen I have a large sleigh filled with Artist Gift Packs - these have small samples and biz cards from crafters all over the US.

There's also a small sleigh that has keychains and small patriotic bookmarks with yellow ribbon charms.

There will be plenty of low-priced items for those without deep pockets. My Peace choker necklaces are only $3. And yes, I did make these -- with components from three different vendors.

I also have really cheap stretchy bracelets for the kids - $1 and $2 -- you can't beat that!

I haven't really made up my mind what I'll put on the "high end" table yet -- aside from two or three Swarovski items. I'll try to remember to show you what makes the cut...but I may be so busy that I forget!


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