Friday, April 3, 2009

Biblio Beads in Blue

I wanted to post the first of the aquamarine (turquoise) Biblio Beads.This one has the smallest of the pewter cross charms. I'm glad the cord was thin enough to go through the glass beads. It takes a bit of doing to push it through the hole in the lampwork glass, but patience is rewarded.

I have larger crosses, too, and for the largest one, I'll probably use Swarovski crystals to make it a real dazzler.
In other news:
My hydrangea has returned after being nipped by frigid temps! I'm so excited to see a great outcropping of lovely green leaves and on closer inspection, tiny buds where soon I'll have bursts of the lovely blue/purple color I adore. YAY!
Spring has Sprung in my yard.

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  1. I love the bookmarkers ... a reader can never enough! I especially love this blue one.


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