Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gearing up for surgery

Met with my surgeon yesterday. Quite young, only in practice since 2005 but exceptionally qualified and very bright - graduated magna cum laude. Sweet, friendly, compassionate - shall I go on? The most adorable thing about him - besides the most pinchable cheeks! - is his cute little accent. At first I thought it might be Austrian, but when I looked up his bio, under languages it says "Polish." Ah, the homeland of my favorite composer, Chopin. ;)
Anyway, he probed my plumbing
sure hope we're nearing the end of all those invasions, thank you very much! and confirmed that yes, back in 1993 when they did my hysterectomy, they left a bit of ye olde cervix in there, from whence originated the abnormal cells which so alarmed Dr. G.
Dr. McCutie said he thought he'd be able to do the surgery week after next. He must have read the "oh, no!" expression clearly written on my face because he quickly amended to say he'd try to work me in this coming week.
Thank God/Goddess because it's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain my lifestyle when any extended sitting, standing, or walking causes discomfort and pain. I told him how this whole thing was infringing on my passion
in this instance, I'm referring my ability to work the arts+crafts fair circuit . He not only didn't brush off my remark, he actually asked me about it. Other, older docs could take lessons from this young fellow - it's called building rapport, guys. Making your patient feel as if she matters, that her comfort and quality of life mean something to you. Get it?
So now my project is putting together a CD to play before and maybe even during my surgery. I heard
this story on NPR the other morning and it gave me the idea for the project.
I'm going to start it off with the theme from "Enterprise" --
Faith of the Heart. It's my understanding that the astronauts like that song. Hey, if it's good enough forthose guys, it's good enough for me! Here are a few other types of songs I thought of including....  
Classical I love me some Chopin, baby! 
Broadway Climb Every Mountain from Sound of Music gets me every time 
Pop You are Beautiful by Christina Aguilera 
Folk just about anything by John Denver 
Gospel You'll Never Walk Alone - an oldie but a goodie and of course, In The Chapel by Elvis. 
Hymns It Is Well With My Soul and Softly and Tenderly from "A Trip to Bountiful"  
If you happen to know the best site for finding and downloading songs preferably for free!, I'd love to know that. Tell me your favorites! Help me build my CD Thanks, guys! 

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