Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sundress One

The first of two sundresses I'm making from leftover fabric was completed last night. The bottom is seersucker - which I adore and can't seem to find much anymore - the top is a simple cotton. You can't see the tiny motif on it from this picture.
I won't be making a fashion statement wearing it, but it's cool and comfortable and that's what me, anyway.
I went through my fabrics last night and put together enough scraps to begin another one. Maybe I'll get started on that this afternoon. We'll see.
Pay no attention to the weary face or the bad hair, but here's a quick snapshot of the dress. I added an overblouse (which I didn't make) and of course some of my fabulous jewelry (which I DID make--lol)
It'll do..for now.
click on photo for closer view.


  1. I think you look "cool" and comfortable! I've always wanted to be able to sew and make clothes....never got the hang of it!


  2. The dress looks very comfy. Your scraps are put to very good use!


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