Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's enough to make you want to scream

Stressed Woman Holding Head
Got home Friday and Daniel said the clinic had called about 9 or 10 a.m. about my application for medical assistance. Said she didn't want to call me @ work. 

Bottom line: after all that legwork, no local help for me. 

Called Dr. G's office  as soon as I composed myself but he doesn't work on Fridays. 
Maybe he'll call on Monday. Don't really know what he can do. He's tried his best, bless his heart. He's a very compassionate physician. Unlike the one who told me he couldn't help me because I have no health insurance. Jerk. But even with Dr. G's input and the medical info from Shands, they still said no.

They offered some other alternatives, none of which will do me much good because they involve having the work done here in my hometown - which isn't possible. 

I've been networking like mad all weekend, sending e-mails hither and yon trying to find some answers or turn up some options. If nothing comes thru by Tuesday, I guess Daniel and I will head to St. Vincent's -- my last hope. 

It just is so incredibly frustrating . Here I am, out there every day, working, trying to be a productive citizen. Can't get health insurance from work because I'm only part time. Can't afford to buy it. So when a health crisis comes up - I'm stuck! It's not right! If I were unemployed or 65, I could get the work done no problem. 

Meanwhile, to take my mind off all this, I started another sundress. Didn't have enough scraps to make the whole thing out of one material but I think the two I'm pairing look well together. I'm taking a bit more time with this one, reinforcing seams and adding a bit of lace at the neckline and on the pockets. I love lace. Must be the girly girl in me - or maybe I am just feeling nostalgic for all the girly girl clothes I didn't get to make for my daughter after she was swept away from me by my ex-husband. 

Anyway -- it's almost time to start thinking about supper.  Sorry to dump on y'all. Sometimes a person just needs to vent.

Life goes on.

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