Sunday, May 3, 2009

Peace Jade

It took most of the day but my Peace Jade necklace is finally finished.
I used firepolished two-tone Czech glass beads in citrine AB and freshwater pearls as well as my beloved delica seed beads to compliment the unique peace jade cubes.
Turned out pretty well, I think.
Aside from a few potty breaks and a very abbreviated lunch, I was at it from about noon on.

(click on picture to see larger view)

What a pleasure to be able to sit and do a piece from beginning to end! But now my bugaboo has decided to rear its ugly head a bit in protest so I guess it's time to stretch out in ye olde recliner awhile before I have to fix dinner.


  1. I hope everyone clicks on this photo to see it enlarged--this is really lovely! It's the combination of crystals and pearls between the cubes that really sparkle! I love how creative you are with donut beads. Teri

  2. Aw, that's so sweet, Teri. Thanks for the lovely compliment.


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