Sunday, May 31, 2009

Creative Diversions

After a 21-hour marathon at the ER in Jax, I know for sure now I'm going to have to have surgery. Turns out my left ovary is 8cm so that's causing some concern. Now that I've found an excellent surgeon, it's a matter of filling out lots of forms and trying to find funding to get the deed done. 

In the meantime, I'm under doctor's orders to "take it easy" and "limit activity." Yeah, right. Spent a lot of time in the recliner yesterday between brief bouts of light activity. Dunno if it's coz I watched three episodes of The Fashion Show on Bravo or what but last night I rooted through my patterns and leftover fabric and decided to put together a couple of sundresses . I haven't sewn anything in a couple years - probably not since we moved into the house. 

With so much bead stuff everywhere, there's no place to set up my machine. I cleared off my light table and will put it there temporarily. 

After the poor showing at Fun in the Sun, I've decided to take a wee bit of a break from the beading. It won't last. It never does. Sooner or later, I always return to my beloved beads. But for now, I'll channel my creativity elsewhere.

Since I am uncomfortable wearing pants now and bored with the same ole few jumpers I've been wearing, I thought perhaps a pair of new sundresses would cheer me up.

It's going to be a case of do a little, go get in the recliner -- do a little more, get in the recliner. haha

It'll be nice to have a couple new matter how long it takes to put 'em together. 

For the first one, I'm kind of having to jury-rig the facing for the top because I don't exactly have enough material but I'm determined to make it work. As for the bottom, I'll have to finagle that as well for the same reason. 

Last night I ironed the fabric and pattern. This morning I cut it out. Once I check e-mail and stuff, I'm gonna climb back in the recliner for a bit. I sat down at the computer to get relief from too much standing, now I need to lie down to get relief from too much sitting! lol


  1. I'm sorry Fun in the Sun wasn't all that much sun or fun. I'm also sorry that you're having to face surgery, but at least you're not letting it lick you. Just don't over do!

  2. Thanks, Mary Anne. I've learned a few things since this whole health challenge started.
    (1) listen to my body when it tells me to lie down
    (2) don't listen to people who say NO when it comes to getting what I need
    (3) the internet is an excellent source of support, information and platforms for getting it all off my chest!


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