Sunday, March 22, 2009

I dream of delicas

Recently, I fell in love with unakite so I bought some pieces and put something together. Trouble is, I don't know how to do bails and didn't have any anyway so yesterday I used delicas to attach the donut to the necklace. It looked kinda nekkid so I began experimenting with jazzing it up a little, using the leftover chips and delicas to make a dangle from the donut. haha that sounds funny.

I admit to going a wee bit overboard with the delicas but they're just so adorable, I couldn't help myself.

The unakite beads are not what I was expecting. They're kinda smallish, about 6mm, I guess. I never was very good at judging how big things are by the size designation. It has been my nemesis since day one. Oh, I know. I have ye olde bead size chart around here somewhere...*peers around at assembled rubble* but who knows exactly where?
Once I finished watching CBS Sunday morning, I put this together: a polished rose quartz focal point which I surrounded with various sizes of seed beads.

I'd rooted through my stash looking for more delicas but alas, the only ones I have wouldn't work with the few donuts on hand so I put this together instead. It defers the housework, what can I say?
Last night while I was watching TV, I sat with the bead catalog in my lap and put together a wish list of delicas. It ended up being about $35. haha. Hey, it's free to dream, right?!


  1. Personally, I think the donut dangles (lol) are great....they really add sparkle to the unakite and create an entirely new focal point, almost using the donut as a backdrop for your lovely sparkly delicas. Sometimes, NOT having a component leads to an entirely new design and I think you did just that with the unakite. And to follow that with the entirely feminine, dainty rose quartz! Great! Teri

  2. That's probably the size I would go 6mm. Lovely blings! any pearls coming?

  3. A Tina Cowan: Thanks for the comment. As for pearls, although I did stock up on them after I made these, I sort of went off them for a bit. Maybe another pearl mood will strike, who knows?

  4. @ Teri: thanks, Teri. It's kind of fun to experiment with putting things together in different, unexpected ways. But then yeah, sometimes I fall back on the ole tried and true.


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