Friday, March 20, 2009

A visit to the antique store

I had occasion to visit an antique store today and let me tell you, it was a most delightful 30 minutes.

Yours truly has always has a great love for anything old. Call them antiques if you must. I just call them old things and I wonder about what the original owners may have been like, you know? Who sat at that desk in the 1900s? Who slept in that bed made in 1800 something? What was their life like? What was going on in their world?

The owner who showed me around the place has been refurbishing and refinishing old things for the past 30 years. Completely self taught, he is an absolutely genius cabinetmaker, too. You should have seen some of the exquisite pieces he made!

Like this reversible game table he made of curly maple and cherry wood. Wow. The center part pops and to flip over and make a regular table.
Beautiful, huh?
Look at the intricate carving on this antique bed. Isn't it gorgeous?! I love it!

Or how about this incredible French breakfront. It is absolutely magnificent!

Of course there was more than just furniture at this place. Two floors in an old house chock full of everything you could think of including handcrafted and antique furniture, china, glassware, fiesta ware and of course my all time favorite: Willow Ware ... it was everywhere.

Yours truly was most definitely in hawg heaven, walking through this place! Wow!
I've often dreamt about a home just filled with beautiful antiques.
Who knows?
Maybe one day when my beading biz takes off, I just might be able to buy one...or two pieces, huh?


  1. Be sure to contact me just in case you're in Reno. I will take you to all antique stores including the one where I rent from.

  2. hat sounds like a great invitation, Tina! And if I ever get to Reno, I'll do just that. *smile*

  3. As you wish, so may it be!

    I love *traveling* with people. Thanks for a tour of the antique store. I love willow ware, too.


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