Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tired -- but it's a good tired
mood: contented
So, all in all, I'd say the birthday turned out all right.
Despite the changes in planned activities due to unforeseen circumstances.
"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans..."
or words to that effect.

D and I shared the Ultimate Pepperoni pizza from Papa John's. It was good but let me tell you, the picture you see on TV? Don't expect to see a duplicate when you open the box.
Not going to happen. It was still good, though.

First we watched The Bucket List. I love both Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Loved the storyline, too.
What would I put on my bucket list?
Well, probably the top five things would be visiting certain countries
One of which would most definitely be India.
That is why what happened next is so interesting:

I had rented The Secret Life Of Bees, but there was something wrong with the DVD and it wouldn't play so instead we watched The Namesake
I had purchased this movie at a yard sale or something awhile back and had not watched it yet. Oh, I love this movie!!!
Anyone who knows me knows I have a very special place in my heart for all things Indian. This movie spoke to that special place.
Beautifully photographed. And the music! Oh, the music was splendid. I absolutely adore Indian music and this soundtrack did not disappoint.
Wonderful storyline here as well.
I highly recommend this film. And since I own it, I can watch it over and over and I will, for sure.

At the end of the film, I had Ebony and Savannah with me in my chair, as usual.
When the beautiful Ashima (played by the gifted and beautiful Tabu) started to sing her exquisite, wordless song, both cats looked up and listened carefully. I love it when they do that. It's as if they, too, recognized something special and worth paying attention to.

And the best part?
A phone call from my number one son.
Another sound I love to hear is his voice.
Best in person, of course, but on the phone is good, too.
Thanks, Casey.

So now I'm off to beddy bye -- to dream of India and Bucket Lists and fly to the Taj Mahal on songs from tabla and sitar.


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to You!

    So glad you enjoyed YOUR special day!

  2. Aw, thanks, Snap!
    Yup - hung another year on the line.
    Feeling fine.


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