Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Completed Project

Wanting to make a necklace similar to the one I made for my Mother, I'd purchased another little gold cross and some garnet bicones and briolettes and set them aside. When it came time to put the necklace together, do you think I could find those items?

Uh, that would be a big, fat NO. *SIGH* I hate when that happens!

Oh, well. Knowing I wouldn't be satisfied until the design in my head turned into mission accomplished, I stopped by the town's bead store - be it known herewith I HATE paying retail! - and picked up another whole set of the items I needed to complete the necklace.

Once all the pre-trip chores I'd scheduled for myself had been completed, I happily settled in at the bead board.

My necklace (top picture) is a bit different from Mother's but they have the same color beads and the same little gold cross and chain.
Yesterday evening I had made a much dressier one, using primarily Swarovski crystals and no chain or cross, just a double row of garnet beads and 10mm Czech glass faceted beads with the beautiful aurora borealis finish. It's quite elegant if I do say so myself. I may post a picture here later on.
For now though, *YAWN* I'm weary.

The winner has been chosen for the drawing and I WILL announce it - as promised - tomorrow.

Patience, gentle people!

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