Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is overwhelming

I truly cannot comprehend this:
over 200 visitors to my blog!
This is beyond my wildest dreams, really. It's been so interesting to browse through everyone's entries and learn about all the creative, funny, terrific people involved in this project. WOW.

I've stayed up w-a-y past my bedtime exploring, ever since the whole thing began on Tuesday. *YAWN*

Hard to believe this time next week I'll be all packed and ready to head up to Bean Town again. Wow. Lil ole me - who hates flying - will yet again take to the skies. Only for my dear sister Rosie would I head off again.
My Sister, Rose -- The Bride

So romantic, getting married on Valentine's Day, huh? Not only that but get this: she is going to be taken to the church via horse and carriage and once the vows have been exchanged, she and her new husband will ride to their reception in the carriage, too. Aw! Isn't that just too much?!

I'm so happy for her. She deserves every happiness and it's just such a thrill for me to be able to participate.

Meanwhile, I still cannot get myself started putting my stuff together to do my business taxes. I keep procrastinating and procrastinating - but the appointment has been made and now I really have to hustle. UGH! It's my first time doing taxes and I'm scared stiff, frankly.
But I want to do everything right this time. This business is my heart and soul and I so want it to thrive. Oh, I know, times are tough and people aren't really splurging right now but we'll pull out of this. I know we will. Better days ARE ahead, people. And I want to be ready!

*YAWN* Okay well - I'd better toddle on off to dreamland now. It's just about TGIF. YAY!

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  1. congratulations to your sister. my sister too is getting married on valentine's day.

  2. Really? Geez - looks as if we have two romantic sisters, huh?

  3. My congratulations to your sister! I think the carriage ride sounds incredibly romantic, albeit possibly COLD! I, too, am having problems getting stuff done for my taxes and need my business AND my personal taxes done before March! My step daughter needs the info to finish her college financial applications! Teri Twitter: Teri_B


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